Gokhan GOKCAY is a Paris based photographer originally from Istanbul. As a profession he is a commercial and editorial photographer in Paris.

As a self-taught photographer his passion for light, reflections, dark nights have been developed during the Istanbul years in University at 1994. His primary focus is to Explore various forms of expression between geometrical forms and documentary. His projects mainly concern geometrical perspectives, movement in a theatrical environment. In his photos, shadows and silhouettes certainly play an important role, as characters interacting with human characters in these stories. He is working on creating street photos in a unique, artistic, and theatrical way. He has often been featured in online media like eyeshot magazine, muse D’Orsay, bnw demand, The Big Photo e-zine.

About me and Photography:

I am from Istanbul, Turkey. The roads took me to my university education where I met my lovely wife. I was amazed with the old dark streets of Istanbul Besiktas hills that are illuminated with bright yellow lights. With a film camera, I learned how to print in the darkroom, developing films and printing in black and white from my grandfather. Subsequently, for about twenty years, I dedicate myself to street photography that could satisfy me also on an emotional level. We lived in Paris for five years, I moved back and forth between Paris and Istanbul due to my Job, knowing all too well the streets of both cities, and what is in between. I was working in a global lighting company, Light and Shadow is my work and my passion. I am hoping to create a portrait of the dark & shadows of the beautiful cities.


instagram : @gokhangogo

email : gokhangokcay111@gmail.com

Company : Gokhan Gokcay

Company adress : 7 villa monceau 75017 Paris