Collection: Follow me to the shadows collection

In the Allegory of the cave of Plato “On the walls of the cave only the shadows are the truth”. In this modern world Instagram screens are the walls of our caves, where everyone is happy, charismatic, and beautiful. It is hard to recognize the reality. We are all too busy to see it or to feel it. To see the real happiness and beauty I took a journey into to the shadows.


Shadows symbolise the subconscious side of us. Contrary to Freud, according to Jung shadow can include everything outside the light of consciousness and may be positive, negative or creative side of us. I am using shadows, silhouettes, bright light and dark black to reach you and to share what’s left that’s real or subconsciously real. Here lies the mystery of shadows and silhouettes.


When I see a shadow or a silhouette it is sometimes melancholic, sometimes mysterious and sometimes fun. I think life has beauty each and every moment and by looking at the shadows we are able to see the good in the darkness.